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Battlefront 2 - Yoda

Project: "Star Wars: Battlefront 2"
Client: EA DICE
Date: 2017
Art Director: Andrew Hamilton
Lead Character Artist: Madina Chionidi

This is a promotion render for Battlefront 2. I did the pose it in Zbrush and rendered it out in Arnold, Maya. Textures was created in Photoshop. The cloth was made in Marvelous designer. The final renders was rendered out in 10k and was used for different promotional purposes.
The render is based on the files from EA Dice. The files provided was in game assets, Zbrush files and scanned data. Some parts were used, some parts were remodeled to work in HD.
Below are the great character artists involved in creating the characters for Battlefront 2:

Madina Chionidi:
Sanna Nivhede:
Bjorn Arvidsson:
Rui Mu:
Sebastian Andersson:
Linus Hamilton: